this time - همه تنها

همه تنها
ورود شما به همه تنها را خیر مقدم عرض می نماییم.
به دلیل بروز بودن سایت لطفا از سایر صفحات وب هم دیدن نمایید.

تبلیغات هزینه نیست بلکه زمینه سازی برای معرفی وب خود به دیگران و درآمد زایی برای شماست .

مازیار آجودانی


This time Ill try to love again
And never lose you, my friend
Ill be there till the end forever

This time Ill take the happy pill
Ill chew up more than I can spill
And play until youll stay forever

And nobody said it would be easy now
We live in a lucky town
But the foundations are shaking
The bridges are breaking in two

And nobody said it would be easy now
I dont wanna let you down
And my heart is a light
Its alright cause its burning for you
And it burns right through

This time Ill try to make believe
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
Just take it when you leave, its better

This time Ill be the better
I know the world will understand
..This greatness is overrated you see then.

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