once more...

If I tell someone
they will think me a fool
“How can you do such a thing, this is so not cool!”
But they don’t understand what runs through my mind
Whenever I look into your eyes, which seem gentle and kind.
I still remember when I saw you first standing in a line

I wondered how I would ever make you mine.
It seemed like a dream, an unrealistic imagination
Never thought it would come true, what I thought was just a fascination.
Nobody could have been happier than me, I say
When I saw you looking at me during the play;
I talked to you the next day
And your eyes gave the secret away;
It made my heart so happy, it made me sway.
But, a wall stands between us today,
A strange shyness blocks my way.
I never thought I could be so shy,
In front of you, nothing comes out of my mouth, o sigh!
We’re not even friends I know,
This heart might be afraid and slow,
But it somehow knows that one fine day we’ll be together
Forever. Forever

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